Common Problems When Logging-In With a Huawei ID

by Judith Colvin

Like any accounts that we all keep at our expense, Huawei IDs also face common issues that happen to most users when accessing their Huawei ID or account. In this article, we will talk about these common issues and how we users can prevent it from happening.

Forgetting Huawei ID or Password

Users forgetting Account IDs and passwords is not an unfamiliar issue for most of us. Even with Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and other social media or online accounts, most users still fail to remember or keep track of their account details. Most people nowadays maintain multiple social media accounts, and at times, it can get tough to monitor and remember all the usernames and passwords when logging in.

As a Huawei member, prevent this from happening by saving your Huawei ID and password in a journal where only you can access it. Maybe write it in a notepad and hide it under your laptop. Another trick that works is to uniform all your IDs and passwords with the rest of your social media handles to avoid you from forgetting all different user IDs and passwords. It’s easier to memorize one uniform user IDs and passwords.

Phone Number, Email Address or Third-Party Account is Already Associated with an Existing Huawei ID

It’s best to create only one Huawei ID or account to avoid this type of confusion. Huawei enables its users to use their Huawei ID on multiple devices for a maximum of 10 devices. When logging in with a tablet or another phone, users need not create a different Huawei account for each device. You can all sync your device with just one account and use it simultaneously.

When having a new Huawei smartphone and you previously had a Huawei ID, you don’t need to make another one. Instead, use the Huawei ID you’ve always had. Huawei will need the same information from you, and this is where the problem comes in when you submit the same phone number or email address for the new account.

Failure to Receive Verification Code

Another most common problem is not receiving the verification code needed when logging in with your Huawei ID on another device or website. The main problem lies in how accurate you input your phone details or contact number for message alerts.

If you pick your email address to verify new log-ins on other devices, check your primary device’s settings and verify if you input the right email address. There must be a typo error, and it only needs a few corrections. Ensure that it must be the correct one to avoid sending the verification code to someone else when you type in your email address.

If you choose a text message verification instead, verify your phone number details are correct. Maybe there was a missing number, or you input extra numbers making your phone number way different. That can be the reason why you’re not receiving your text verification code. Also consider checking your signal if you have a connection, maybe the text is just delayed due to service error.

Contact Huawei’s Customer Service from their website just in case these issues are still recurring.

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