How can I pick my favorite laptop?

by Judith Colvin

Laptops are tools one can use to carry out serious work or play games. It can also be used for various academic activities. They are small enough to be carried around but versatile enough to be used to run different applications. Tablets or smartphones indeed are quite popular. However, most individuals would prefer typing and playing games on a laptop. So do you have a favorite laptop?

If you don’t, then you might find this article useful. It discusses the best things to look out for before picking a favorite laptop.

What Should You Look For When Picking Your Favorite Laptop?

The Operating System Matters

Laptops come with different operating systems. They include Macs, Chrome Os, and Windows. Below is a summary of each operating system.

  • Windows-this is the most flexible operating system. It is also more popularly used when compared with Chrome and Macs. Windows price ranges from $150 to thousands of dollars and they offer different features that vary from fingerprints to touch screens.

The latest version is windows 10 and it has made great strides with its new feature Cortana. This feature allows you to ask questions when having difficulties with your laptop. You can also use a stylus if you have anything you need to write. Windows 10 version is great for students, business owners, and for gamers.

  • Macs-MacBooks all come with macOS Catalina, which is the latest operating system of the Apple brand. Its operating system is quite similar to Windows 10 in terms of functionality. However, there are differences.

For example, instead of Cortana, apple users get Siri and instead of a windows icon of at the bottom of the screen, you get an app dock. MacBook users can also perform transactions on their laptops, take calls or text and unlock their laptops using an Apple Watch. Unlike the Windows 10, there is no touch screen on the MacBook

  • Chrome Os- This operating system can be seen on Chromebooks that aren’t expensive such as the Samsung Chromebook 3. They are more limited in features when compared to the windows or macs. They have similarities with windows. However, the difference is that the main app is the Chrome browser.

Keyboard and touchpad

If you plan to use your laptop to do a lot of work, make sure you’re perfectly comfortable with the keyboard. You should also like the space between keys. Look for accurate keyboards or touchpads that have a great cursor system.

Battery life

When getting a laptop, battery life is very important especially if you are to use it for work or school activities. A good laptop should last at least 6-7 hours before plugging it to power. To know more about a laptop’s battery life, read reviews on the product to make your decision.

Plan according to your budget

Nowadays, one can buy a laptop for as low as $200. Your preference will largely depend on your budget. However, if you want a good laptop that would last long, you should budget from at least $600 and above. Laptops below $600 are usually slower, with less space.


So there you have it! When choosing your laptops, I’d always recommend the Honor Magicbook pro. It has everything you need and more. However, the final choice lies with you.

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