The Rise in Use of In-App Purchasing in E-commerce

by Judith Colvin

Financial technology (FinTech), refers to an innovation aimed at competing with a variety of different financial methods when it comes to the delivery of a broad range of financial services under joint operations. FinTech is definitely a growing industry that applies technology to improve financial activities. The progressive use of smartphones and in-app purchasing for investing and purchasing services are just a few examples of tech services aimed at making financial services accessible to the public.

Today, in-app purchasing, which is the acquisition of products and services from an application in a cell phone, such as a smartphone or tablet, is growing by the day. In-app purchases have a way of allowing developers to offer free applications.

In many cases, the developer of the app advertises a variety of upgrades to the version paid, unlocks, and special items, or ads to the individual who downloads a free version. The developer profits from this download regardless of the fact that they have given it away free of charge.

Major Takeaways

In-app purchasing is the acquisition of products from an app in a mobile device. The app allows developers to give their apps to users for free

Since the processes are conducted via a mobile device, an unauthorized purchase can quickly result in issues appended to security.


Free admission is definitely priceless, but the freedom comes at a price too. Most people are more than happy to accept free admissions to the museum or park or just a tourist attraction in one condition: the exit is through a gift shop.

An in-app purchase functions as the primary gift shop of various mobile marketing strategies with a major difference: the gift shop should not lead to an exit.

Simply put, an in-app purchase is meant to keep you as the user engaged. Take, for example, Candy Crush. If you run out of lives when playing the game, then you must purchase more with the aim of playing.

Perhaps you have even typed in the card information to gain access to a variety of dating apps and connections since you may find one.

You are not alone in this if you cannot cultivate the patience to wait for the precious candies with the intention of crushing or better yet meeting your ideal lover.

Imagine you are still hopelessly stuck on a certain level for 390 days. If there was a way to skip this level, you would have taken the shortcut.

In-app purchases allow you to buy content and services such as game boosters that help to skip a level by sending additional messages to a rather new dating connection in the app.

Most of the time, they appear in e-commerce services and mobile retail platforms dedicated to offering users the opportunity to purchase things in the app.

Final Thoughts

Want to dive into online mobile transactions using in-app purchases? Some apps do not offer this option. To validate this, check the App Store and look for In-App Purchases right next to the Get button.

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