Things to Look into When Buying A Laminator

by Judith Colvin

As you embark on purchasing a laminator, such a task will seem daunting to some extent. Fortunately, we are here to ensure you won’t encounter any challenges as you acquire the laminator. We’ll look into the factors you should consider as you acquire the plastifieuse, and you will easily narrow down your options depending on your needs.

1. Number of Sheets

First, look into the number of times you usually laminate documents. Also, consider the number of documents you usually laminate at a go. If you carry out lamination at least twice a week, you should consider acquiring the pouch laminator. However, if you laminate numerous documents weekly, you should look for the roll laminator. For large lamination jobs, automatic laminators are highly recommended. They are suitable for standard size documents. 

2. Document Size

First, consider the size of the documents that you want to laminate. Are you laminating standard size documents? Or are you laminating documents of different sizes ranging from banners to business cards?

For standard documents, pouch laminators are preferable. It is also possible to fit small items into the lamination pouch. If you are looking for a more flexible option, the roll laminator is preferable. The roll laminators usually cover different sizes. The automatic laminators are also recommended for standard size documents, and they can also be used to laminate small items. 

3. Film Thickness

The laminating film is measured in millimeters. The larger the thickness, the thicker the laminate becomes. For the smaller ones, there is more flexibility. On the other hand, the larger ones are more rigid.

Pouch laminators usually range from three to ten millimeters, which means you have a huge range to choose from in terms of thickness options. For the roll laminators, the thickness runs from 1.5 to 3 millimeters. The automatic laminators can range from three to 5 millimeters, and they are suitable for standard projects. 

4. Cost

You should keep in mind that such accessories are part of your investment, which is why you should consider the cost of the laminator and the film supplies. Regardless of the kind of laminator you need, some different options and supplies will fit into your budget. 

5. Number of Users

 The number of staff who usually use a laminator in your office is among the factors to consider when choosing the laminator. How many employees are present on your team, or will you use the laminator alone.

The pouch machines are generally small, and they can fit on the desktop, which means they are suitable if you are the only user. On the other hand, the roll laminator is suitable for a large user base, and it can be placed in a shared workspace. Automatic laminators are suitable for shared or personal use considering they are versatile; since they are automated, you can easily switch from one user to another.

Final Thoughts 

As you acquire your first laminator or you need to upgrade, you should consider each of these factors. If you understand the features you need, you will manage to find the right laminator.

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